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I have created this website for you to visit and find out information

about another cancer that has invaded my body. I have found

out from past experience that this is the best way to get the

correct information out there for all. 


On October 30th, 2019 I was diagnosed with a mouth cancer

titled Squamous Carcinoma. I had a tumor-type thing lodged

between my jaw and cheek. My regular dentist found it and

referred me to a oral surgeon. The tumor was probably half

the size of a peanut, it did not hurt, I hardly knew it was there.

Funny how the nasty stuff likes to lurk and sneak up on us.

Makes me angry. Anyway, he cut it out and sent it off for

the biopsy which came back positive. The rest to come.

On November 18th, 2019 I met with my surgeon Amit Aqrawal

and his team at The James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, OH.

I was very pleased with him and his team. The feeling of being

told and seeing first hand - I do believe I AM in the best care. 

Before I continue, let me say there is good and bad news. So let

us go with the good news which is this type of cancer is very

curable. 98% curable!! I'll take that!! The bad news is that this

will include a very extensive surgery which I have been told can

last 10 hours. This surgery is scheduled for December 19th, 2019 

and I will be hospitalized for 7-10 days. I don't need to tell you my

heart hurt hearing all this. I had no idea how to feel! Lost! Shocked!

My husband Mick and son Jeff were by my side as they sat and 

listened, again in shock. Part of my jaw bone will be removed

and any cancer detected. A size bone needed to replace the

jaw bone will be taken from the side of one of my legs to

replace. Again, "are you kidding me?!" Oh my goodness.


After surgery and while in the hospital I will not be able to eat

and will have a feeding tube inserted into my nose and will receive

nourishment that way. There will also be a trakia in the front of

my throat to make sure I can breath okay as there will be swelling.

Since I left The James I have been trying to wrap my head around

all this and still I am in disbelief. My mouth?! Who would have

ever dreamed?!! Certainly not me. While chemo and radiation were

my option during my first cancer of uterine - that is not the case

with this type of cancer. Not a option. So, I must do what I must

do. Can I? Days I go in and out of wondering. The waiting certainly

is wearing on me. Since this surfaced, I have received a extreme

amount of good wishes, cards, prayers, thoughts and words of "you got

this Susan, and you are a strong woman Susan." My goodness,

the support helps more than any of you can imagine.  It is most

difficult to imagine not being home for Christmas. Putting the

tree up and decorating has been difficult - 

with knowing I won't be home.

But my husband will be when he is not spending 

time with me at the hospital. I felt it not fair at all for me to 

take it all away from him because of what is happening to me.

So the tree is up and the stockings are hung with care in hopes

of many, many wishes this year. One is for this nightmare to be

over with and the family can get on with our lives. Hoping Santa

with God leading the way will deliver! One does what one has to

do. Again, 98%! Awesome odds against this nasty stuff. Yes,

scared, scared a lot, but the outcome has got to be worth

all that I face right now.

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I will send out updates as I am able

AND AS they occur.

I promise. 



Thank you for coming here. 

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