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Well, I will be shutting down soon to pack for the hospital. I got word today that I will need to be at the hospital tomorrow (19th) morning at 6:30 am. Surgery will begin at 8:30. I was told it will take all day and or 10 hours, might be more depending on how things go. So, a long sleep for me for sure and then to wake up to only God knows what. I do know there is a strong possibility I will have a trachea in my throat for insurance of breathing because of swelling and with not being able to eat, a feeding tube down my nose. Unknown how long on both. Sigh. 

Again, hospital stay 7-10 days. Please do continue to hold me in your prayers and hope that not the 98% comes true, but the 100% will pull thru for me. I have been told I am in very good surgeon's and his teams hands and talents along with knowledge to be blessed with. The very best of the best. Who could ask for more?

So here goes folks .... and as soon as I am able,I will be
back here with updates. For now, let this be over

Merry Christmas 
to you all.