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Wow, I have been a long time in returning here and I do apologize. Not quite sure where to begin. Wow. It has been two weeks ago today since I had my surgery. I was released from the hospital on Dec 26th. What a long horrible week it was, very hard. It was very difficult not being home for Christmas, and never ever did I dream I never would be. But never, ever say never! Anyway - being in the hospital these days is hard I feel. The caregivers and nurses all had their own personalities and treated me in different ways. Never was I mis-treated, don't get me wrong. Great group of people on my floor. Mind you this building has 22 floors. I was on the top floor and man, what a view I had. If I walked to the other side of the floor, there was a birds eye view of the Ohio State Horseshoe Stadium. Something to be in awe of for sure. Here it is.

Anyway, sponge baths suck, but they always felt good. I had PT every other day. Don't know what I would have done without my iPad. Not much on TV interests me anymore. Never so glad to get home. But I started out thinking I could do more than I can, fell the first night when getting up to use the bathroom, did not hurt myself thank God, but did pull the wound vac out and had to go to the ER the next day to have it re-inserted. Hoping to get it removed soon. Tuesday was too soon, and they sent me back home. Great and good news is what the surgeon reported I would more than likely NOT have to have any radiation or chemo follow up and he is certain he got it all. My jaw still is very painful and swollen, a lot of discomfort, very hard to eat anything unless it is soft like pudding, etc. The tracheostomy was only temporary thank God and was removed before I came home. It has to remain covered and every attempt must be made to not breath thru the hole as it will delay healing. Below is a picture of the incision from where a bone was taken from my leg and used to repair my jaw. It's still unbelievable and overwhelming to me what they can do. 

And yes, this is very sore and painful.
Can you believe this?!! The redness around it is normal they say, also the swelling. And the kicker of this all is the bone he took - is not needed. I will be able to tell no difference in walking of functioning with that leg. The bone is simply not needed. Can you imagine what research went on with that? And tell me God was not looking ahead when he gave us this extra bone for a spare part. 

So I take one day - one day at a time. It is going to be slow going for quite some time and I will need to use all the patience I have. I was told this would be major, but I did not realize. Until one would go thru this, well, how hard, how difficult it has been. I don't think I could have managed without all the prayers and support which was overwhelming

I was surprised by two employees from the Fairfield County Sheriff's department, (Communications division) on Christmas Eve day. They had not only sent flowers earlier but Elizabeth and Tessa came bearing gifts to brighten anyone's day. A really, really nifty Ohio State throw, some spending money for some nail time when I am up to it and a really
neat card signed by all the dispatchers. Yep, I lost it. No words can tell you how much I appreciate them all -- the best 2nd family anyone could have! I am so flipping blessed from the very tip of my head to the toes! Just very thoughtful and generous!
"Thank you" 

 Below are just some misc pictures I took just for the heck of it. 

This is a card I received from The James. 
I had all my caregivers sign it. 

A beautiful warrior bracelet 
from a special friend, Linda

Only half of what I had to begin with. (IV's)

The tree in the lobby of The James

January 7th, 2020
Well, my healing is coming along OK. Yesterday, the 6th I had my last wound vac
out of 3 removed from my leg and what a wonderful thing. Feels very nice and normal
to not have to lug it around and drain it twice a day. Yahooo. My throat area is now
reduced to just a band aid from tape and gauze. I no longer have to hold anything
over my throat when I talk as well. The medical team called me "one tough cookie" and 
sent me home. So, I could not have been happier. Pain? Yes, my mouth area
still is very uncomfortable, but no real pain till I go to eat and swallow. Then I am
brought to tears as food and liquid go down. They tell me this is common and
will get better. My long incision on my leg is healing for sure as I have developed
itching which tells me it is healing. My whole leg aches and I don't walk any
distance yet. But pain is tolerable aside from eating as I mentioned. So, 19 days
out from surgery and all is good. The cancer there is gone. I'm again cancer
free and the blessings that have been handed to me are amazing and I cannot
thank the good Lord enough, nor friends and family. It has all been my determination
to beat this again and with all the support, caring and prayers, the journey is headed
towards the light at the end of a horrible journey. That's it for today. Thank you for
being there, thank you for coming here.