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I'm here because this helps, it helps to talk about it, to vent and maybe somewhere, sometime, my ramblings may help another. There are no two cancers alike. So, yes, while it could not be curable or what have you, this helps. So in the meantime here I will be with thoughts ......

Wednesday 12-11-19 -- Entry #1
I just feel caught up between all that was and all that must be because I have been given no choice if I want to live. This is a yucky feeling and it sure raises my anxiety levels. Today my stomach wanted to stay upset and I felt like I could scream for no reason. I guess it would not be to the level it is if I had not been told a little over 3 months ago that I was cancer free by my Doctor/surgeon Dr Vaccarello when I had Uterine cancer. I have been nearly 6 years out from that and free, so he declared me cancer free. Oh. Are we ever? Bless him, as he cured me the first time around, and this is a totally different cancer, but I thought I would continue to be home free. I knew I should have never left my guard down, nor will I ever again. 
Just say'n.