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Today (Dec 3) I had two scans and a chest X-ray as

pre-preparation for my upcoming surgery on December 19th. 

Never much fun you know. I got one of those sexy white 

bracelets they give you. 

I had to have two IV sticks because the first one did

not work. Go figure. I guess I might as well get used to the

sticks, that thing-e put on my finger, BP checks, temperature,

woke up in the middle of the night more than once for

God knows what. But bottom line folks. I will be in the

very best facility in our area and will get the care I need.

That is what I have heard from more than several people.

It's been hard to be there. It is where I said good-bye to

my brother Steve. They could not heal him, so being there

does make me sad and it's just hard for

for that reason right there. Can't help

but think of him and wish he were still down here.

He always said "It is what it is Susan." 

I have no idea when I will get scan results. I have emailed the

staff to help me out with that answer. So, till I have any

news, prayers please, and thank you. 

Next scheduled appointment for pre-op,

December 12, 2019. 

December 12 appointment

Last appointment before surgery went well today. A lot of

information, alot. I had vitals, EKG and extensive blood work.

So done with that. Amen. I will be called on the 18th and

be told what time procedure will take place on the 19th.

Thanks for being here. 



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